XERO Water-fed system

At Naples Glass Cleaning we utilize the latest in window cleaning technology, pure water. Our new XERO purifying system first removes the major contaminants with a large carbon filter. Then the water passes through two 4' tall de-ionizing tanks. Finally, the water goes into an oversized reverse-osmosis membrane. The end result is pure mineral free water that measures 0.0 parts per million. This completely pure water is fed into a 40' carbon fiber pole with a soft brush on the end. Our technicians brush around the frames and glass to flush away the deposits from your windows. The final step is to use the jets of water to rinse the area clean. By using this process, we are able to gently clean everything off the window and frames. The remaining pure water dries completely spot free!! This technique is safe, green, and efficient.

The best way to keep your home looking great and keep your glass perfectly maintained, is to use this pure water window washing system. Deeper cleaning is done by hand initially. Once we get your initial cleaning completed, ask for our ongoing maintenance with pure water!

Ultra luxury window cleaning, for those who expect the best!


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