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High-Rise Window Cleaning

  • Interior and exterior

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly services

  • Move in / Move out

  • In-depth spring cleaning

Commercial and Home Cleaning

  • Residential and commercial

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly services available

  • No contract, cancel anytime

  • In-depth Spring cleaning

  • Move in / move out cleaning

Window and Glass Cleaning

  • Interior/Exterior

  • Frame dusting

  • Track cleaning

  • Spot removal

  • Hand window washing

Power Washing

  • Residential and commercial

  • Home exterior, deck/patio, sidewalk, driveway, dock

  • Removes buildup of bird droppings, mold, moss, grease, and dirt.

  • Increases curb appeal and property value

  • Cobweb Removal

Screen Cleaning

  • The XERO Washing Station jets will flush away debris while the brushes scrub away residue.

  • Window screen cleaning

  • Lanai screen cleaning

  • Cobweb removal


  • Cleaning: Dog Stations, clubhouses, common areas, pool areas, bathrooms, kitchens

  • Sweeping, blowing, mopping, vacuuming

  • Surface Cleaning: Dusting and wiping

  • Trash pickup + removal

  • Restock dog stations, bathrooms


  • Roof and gutter cleaning

  • WASP nest removal

  • Light fixtures (Electrician on staff)

  • Drywall, painting, basic plumbing

  • Eco-Friendly mold removal

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